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American Models

This all American gem of a brand began in the early 80's and grew steadily from there. Ths iconic brand however was until recently running the online side of it's business from a 19 year old website built on Zen Cart. Something needed to change and when Karen got in touch with us we were in love with idea of bringing this classic brand of locomotive nostalgia and history to Shopify

A 19 Year Old Relic Revived

As you can see from the images below this old Zen cart website was possibly the most dated store we had come across and it was high time it was migrated to Shopify to really let the brand shine and let the customers have an easier time of purchasing their beloved replicas and parts.

We set about migrating all data and content including 19 years of customer data to Shopify. Thousands of products, customers and orders were all ported across along with all images and info and rebuilt entirely from the ground up.

A Brand Reimagined On Shopify

What a pleasure it was to rebuiltd an iconic brand on Shopify and let the replica trains really become front and centre of the store. Gone is the old narrowly tapered design with huge gaps to each side, along with the clunky old checkout and non functioning and super long winded checkout process.

Now it's just easy to buy one of their trains as it is to buy a t shirt on any online fashion store. No more convaluted processes and in comes a much improved customer experience and conversion rate. It was important to cater for a slightly older buying demographic here so this was not a 'trendy' store build, this was rebuilding a legend and keeping it's soul intact.

We kept the nostalgia and brand story alive and prominently featured on the home page because this is a family business with story at heart. Ron the founder has since sadly passed on but his passion lives on as his wife Karen now keeps the business running so all their loyal follwers can keep their hobby alive.